The Differences between a Good Writing Service and a Bad One

Everyone needs a good writing service every now and then. Sure, while high school students could have simply copied an essay off the internet before, anti-plagiarism software is becoming more and more common thing -  which leaves our students with no choice to seek help elsewhere. The advantage of an essay writing service is that each paper is unique – supposedly. Students give their topic to the company, and then an assigned writer will work on creating a paper based on what you need. But while some services take their jobs seriously, others don’t. Here’s how you differentiate a good website from a bad one, based on writing service reviews from websites such as

They have a clear pricing system

You should know the price of what you’re buying before actually committing to it. However, with, that’s considered a luxury. Sure, you can see the prices… after you leave your e-mail address. Their logic is something like this: “Sell your soul, offer us your private information and THEN see if you like what you get.” No proper service should ask for your personal information just to show you the prices.

They offer simple Customer Support

Whenever you have a question, it would be ideal to have some means of communicating with someone on the staff. However, that is just a dream with websites like EssayEdge. Apparently, their custom service is either “Sorry, we’re offline,” “Sorry, we can’t help you” or “Sorry, try the helpline,” putting a black dot in all customer reviews.

They offer samples

The logical thing would be to see a model of the thing that you are buying, right? Take EssayLib, for example. You’d think they’d offer some samples to attract the customers, right? Wrong. Sure, there are some fancy looking testimonials there, but no actual proof for us to go on.

They have a clear background

One should be able to see how much experience their writing service of choice has. In the case of CoolEssay, for instance, it’s quite shady. We do get the feeling that they had the startup somewhere 3 to 5 years ago, but they didn’t seem to be bothered with sharing that actual information.

They have a well-set discounts plan

Wouldn’t you rather buy from a website that has a clear-cut discount plan for newcomers and faithful customers? It’s easier to return if you know that you have coupon codes or at least a promo code waiting for you. Well, that is not the case with, but there are indeed websites online that offer such options.

They have experienced writers

Last but probably most important, the writers need to have a flawless English. Considering that they’re writing for college students, it’s only logical. They shouldn’t offer papers full of grammar and structural errors – like RushEssay does. In their particular case, the writing is definitely rushed – but not in a good way. Every only review will agree with that.

Look for websites that have a high rating on independent feedback sites, since those are the ones less likely to be fraud or scam.